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  1. I have to stand guard over Fat Cat while he eats his canned food, or Marty will shove him out and eat it all (Marty doesn’t get canned cat food, he’s fat enough, but FC has lost 3 lbs since January and you can feel his ribs and spine). And since FC is older and going blind, he won’t defend himself anymore, so I’m doing it for him (he’s only 10 or 11 years old, and that’s not that old, but Marty is only 4 years old and is bigger). The things we do for our pets :)

  2. I had neighbors whose cat had kittens, two of which wouldn’t let the other eat. Like, at all. They begged me to take the little runt, which I did when she was about 4 moths old and still could sit on one of my hands. She was so traumatized by it that she could never be comfortable with another cat around the place. She never did get very big, but at least it took two hands to hold her after a while. I’m sensing a pattern that is keeping the tiny cat tiny.

  3. I think your flower might be a type of gaillardia. There are many varieties, and they come in many colors.

    And I am an expert. I water shit at a garden center now.

  4. Well, I am definitely learning the importance of writing down what I plant where. In my defense, this is made more difficult by the little grocery store up the hill having seeds right by the front door where a girl might buy them and toss them into her garden without bothering to remember what she’s planted.

    Gaillardia sounds like a fine guess to me. I also wonder if it might be some kind of rudbeckia?

    I need to fiddle with it more.

    Ha. I love flowers.

  5. For some reason my understanding is that cats will actually lose more weight on the canned wet food than the dry food (unless the cans are special high calorie “recovery” food for malnourished/ill cats) because of the composition. I could totally be wrong about that, but it might be worth checking on with the vet if you’re counting on wet food to make the cats gain weight.

  6. Naw, if you look closely, they always have all the dry food they can eat all the time. The wet food is solely for the tiny cat’s coat. It has cured her from licking out all her butt hair in the winter.

    She still has very dry fur (especially compared to the other cats), but it doesn’t irritate her like it used to. She’s fine with being inched out of breakfast every once in a while, when the orange cat isn’t out doing his thing in the yard.

    Usually, his routine is to get up, go out, and check on things. That gives me time to feed the gals in peace.

    Not today, though.

  7. Aunt B,
    I deal with a cat hog too, just with kibble. I mean, I’ve got three bowls in three places and my big indoor cat manages to get to them all and edge another one out. Boredom, I think.

    Your flower definitely looks like a rudbeckia to me. Gaillardias are lankier, floppier and somewhat frillier..

  8. Poor Tiny Cat. I have generally just tossed whoever needs wet cat food in the bathroom or the bedroom to eat, whenever someone needed wet food and the others didn’t.

    Love the windmill!

  9. I’d bet on some kind of rudbeckia too. I googled brown eyed susan and it looked close but not quite. It’s pretty, anyway.

  10. Aww! Your cats are so cute! The tabby looks like my female Tabi, and Tiny Cat looks like my sister cats Midnight and Bev (named after Beverly Sills for her loud, long meow and a long, drawn-out growl when she hears an unfamiliar sound). I don’t know the flower but LOL to Peggasus for I water shit at a garden center now! That sentence hit my funny bone and cracked me up! And I love the windmill!

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