Things Get Hinkier in the Henry Granju Case

So, basically, they’re done investigating Henry’s death. Nothing they can do.

No, I’m not even kidding.

What they can do? Release Henry’s autopsy to the media before releasing it to the family. Insinuate that Katie is a crazy liar. And up their PR war by releasing all this information the night before Henry’s funeral.

Parents, seriously, if you are considering sending your kids to UT Knoxville, be aware that, at the least, someone can beat up your kid in Knoxville and the Knoxville police have stated clearly that they won’t bother to investigate it. That’s according to their own version of events–they can’t be bothered with simple assaults.

Holy shit.

Your kid might never be involved in drugs, but your kid could very easily get beat up. And what the Knoxville police are saying is that, well, shit happens.

I’m glad Henry’s family has a lawyer now.

But listen, this is the time for the media to really get involved. We now have the police report and the Knoxville paper has, along the way, seen Henry’s medical records. So, now we need someone not to give us both sides of the story, as if they are both equal, but to fact check the story. I mean, either Henry had a broken jaw or he didn’t. Either his injuries right after his assault are consistent with an attack with an object or they weren’t. Either what the police are saying is true or it’s not.

And now is the time for the media to investigate.

Because, believe me, if people can beat a kid and cause his death and the Knoxville police can’t even come up with a crime to charge them with, that’s not just a problem for Henry’s family. That’s a problem for us all.

The people of Knoxville have a right to know whether they have a competent police department.

Edited to add: I was sloppy on this. It’s not the police department; it’s the sheriff’s department.

13 thoughts on “Things Get Hinkier in the Henry Granju Case

  1. This is a tragic event. My heart goes out to Katie and I do very much hope that justice prevails here. By the way you should note that the law enforcement agency at issue is the Knox County Sheriff’s office, not the Knoxville Police Department.

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  3. Broken jaw, fractured skull, and closed head injury according to the medical record copies Katie stated she had by her side this week while writing one of her posts.

    You echo most of my thoughts exactly here. I started writing a part two to what I wrote this morning, but had to put it aside out of both heartbreak and exhaustion.

    KCSO really shot themselves in the foot this time with that move. That was so unbelievably boneheaded in the face of what they’ve been dealing with this week, I can’t imagine why anyone would have thought that was a good idea.

    I’m guessing they think they’re indestructible and untouchable up there, but I have a suspicion someone didn’t choose their battle wisely (as the old saying goes). Say what you will about politics, but this particular situation’s likely to draw some major ire from all sides of the political coin up yonder.

  4. I can’t understand what KCSO is thinking. Even if they truly believe that they were wronged by Katie’s faint criticism and must respond, they method and the timing could not really have been worse.

  5. I’m not sure which organization I want to kick in the balls more right now: BP or KCSO — who wants to flip a coin?

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  7. I mailed (snail mail, even) a letter to the KCSO to let them know I’m strongly encouraging my oldest (16 year old) son to go somewhere other than UT Knoxville, which previously was his first choice for college. I told him the story and he’s appalled by their treatment of this case. Um, roll tide?

  8. This is a tragedy but I find your comments about parents “sending their kids to knoxville will be beat and the police will do nothing about it.” maybe the police haven’t done a bang up job with this case (i don’t know…i don’t know the absolute truth….no one does. katie granju doesn’t even know. only henry granju knows everything and he is unfortunately not here to tell us everything). no matter WHERE you live…if you are involved in drugs, the chance of you being around people who could beat you is higher. the chance of you dying at a young age is higher. katie granju openly admits that her son’s cause of death ultimately was drug overdose. i suggest you retract this ignorant and offensive statement about knoxville asap.

  9. Andy – thanks for linking that – it was lovely. And you were right, the end with the photos… that just floored me.

    (side note, I didn’t get to meet you at Ri’chards – I’m bummed about that – say hi next time!)

  10. Yeah, I was trying to keep ears out for everyone I’ve become acquainted with through TCP – sorry I missed you.

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