Saint Judas

I just got around to listening to “Saint Judas” today (I’m a little behind on my Nine Bullets reading) and I just have to ask you–is this not a kind of wonderful poetry?

I’ve been reading a lot of Devil stories lately, just to make some space for him to show back up in the ghost stories, and I’ve been thinking a lot about him as a literary character. You could say something about the necessity of outsmarting him, but I’m more interested in the idea of him being the semi-divine being we expect to see and interact with.

My thoughts are scattered.

I’m just trying to keep one foot in front of the other, you know?

Ugh, “Play”

I just want to complain for a second and say that, if you are a business with a product I might use in my line of work, don’t tell me in the sales pitch that there are areas on your website for me to “play.” I don’t care how awesome your product is. I am not going to feel like I am “playing” with it every time I use it.

Don’t turn “play” into a buzz word. That’s a word I like that means “not work.”

Also, is it too late to turn back “webinar” in favor of “online meeting”? Having a webinar where I can learn how to play in your website’s communities just depresses me.

True Nerdy Confessions

When I’m bored and feeling down, I have taken to mocking-up, mock-upping, whatever, covers to imaginary books. This would be more impressive if I were a designer of any sort, but I am not, alas.

I know, you’re shocked, since my stick art is so damn realistic.

I’ve been thinking a lot about whether a book just about Nashville could sell to a trade publisher, or if they would think that it was too regional.

It’s a bit like you hear bands talking about. Too small and you’re better off to just do it yourself.  Too huge and you’re better off to just do it yourself. But in the middle, there’s still some use for having a record company, because of their marketing reach.

I’m not trying to put myself down or sell myself short. I’m just trying to be honest about my market and not waste my time.