I Know Liz Garrigan is Awesome and All

But for as long as I’ve been here, conservatives have been falling all over themselves in order to complain about how communist (or whatever word they’re using as an insult against liberals) the Scene is. So, I can’t help but be a little perplexed as to why Diane Black would quote anyone from the Scene saying nice things about her, especially in a year when everyone is running as hard to the right as they can. It’s just strange to me that she’d be toting that anyone there ever liked her.

This is so strange to me that it makes me wonder if Black thinks that, by the time November rolls around, centrists are going to be back in fashion.

4 thoughts on “I Know Liz Garrigan is Awesome and All

  1. I wondered the same thing and I had to surmise that the Nashville Scene was the only paper that said anything nice about her, so she was stuck with using an 11-year-old quote.

    Sorta like all of those Zach Wamp campaign signs I’m seeing in the public right of way, like traffic islands and whatnot. All that tells me is that Wamp’s campaign could find any real supporters’ yards to stick their signs in.

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  3. Mr. Beale who is way smarter than me on these things pointed out that the quote was referencing her anti-state income tax stance against Sundquist and therefore is a big dogwhistle to her base.

    I dunno. Might not be anything there.

  4. [In which an anonymous commenter who doesn’t comment here regularly talked some shit about a person who’s been very kind to me with the expectation that I’d let it stand.–b]

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