It’s Like an Armpit Out There

Every year, I think, “Gosh, how weird to live in Tennessee and never go to Bonnaroo,” and then it gets to be about this time of year, when you sweat walking the dog at 6:30 in the morning, and I remember why.

Did you know the Nashville Zoo used to be up here near Pleasant View?  I did not.

Always something new, you know?

While walking the dog, I’ve decided that the flower design in which you have a tall stalk along which many flowers bloom over time, like a slow-motion sparkler, is the best.

I also am pondering planting a bunch of beans at the end of my flowerbed near the peonies in an effort to improve the soil after all that crap from the flood washed into it.

11 thoughts on “It’s Like an Armpit Out There

  1. I would go to Bonnaroo if I had a helicopter.

    Yes, it was always quite the journey to go to the zoo, and it was weird when they proposed moving it to Nolensville Rd.

  2. Aren’t Bonaroo tickets around $250 each? I looked into going a few years ago, but *ouch*!

  3. Took the kids to the zoo, back when it was up this way (and the kids were still kids).

  4. Indifferent:

    When a single low-end show at The Ryman costs $45 after Ticketmaster “convenience” charges, fees, surchages, taxes, tax fees, and fee tax surcharges — $250 per ticket to choose from dozens of great shows over 4 days is a bargain and a half.

  5. I did some of the first stories on the zoo when they opened it out there at Pleasant View and spent quite a bit of time walking the grounds with Rick Schwartz. I still can’t get my head around moving a zoo into the middle of town, as they did, but you see how much I know about it. I loved the Pleasant View site because of the way the habitats were more vertical for the big cats. They got plenty of exercise running up and down those hills, but I see now that getting people up and down those hills — or convincing the cats and other animals to come closer to be observed — was difficult at best. It was a lovely place, though.

    It was beyond strange to see a snow leopard galloping around on the Tennessee hills, I have to say. Or to see a tiger stretched out under a stand of pines.

  6. Aunt B., I live up north of Greenbrier, in between Springfield & White House. I used to live over near Union Hill.

  7. Then you did used to live right near where I am now. I’m all the time accidentally driving through Union Hill. (Still learning my way around and trying to find cool cemeteries.)

  8. I’m a biker–lots of great riding roads over there. Always gave the right grip a good workout.
    Have you found the government place over on Morgan Road? Either radar to track the black helos, or a comm array for our future alien masters, I forget which conspiracy theory is popular this week.

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