2 thoughts on “Ooo, Speaking of Nashville Ghost Stories

  1. Oooh-wee-oooooh! When we were young kids we’d get together with 4 of our cousins at Halloween. My uncle would pile us all in his station wagon and we’d ride to her house in the woods. We’d lay in the back, head to the back of the car and look up at the trees in the dark. That was fun and there was never any traffic so we used that time to make up our own ghost stories. A radio announcer from Reading, PA named Charles Adams III has written anthologies of regionai ghost stories. Gettysburg Battlefield and Valley Forge National Park are both known for sightings, stories and folklore. My friend June and I spent a cloudy and windy May day in Gettysburg Battlefield near the cemetery and monuments and because we were there on a weekday it was quiet and really put you in a ghost story kind of mood.

  2. Oh my god. I really, really love the idea of riding around in the back of a station wagon telling ghost stories. That’s an image that just really delights me.

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