Ooo, the Library

They’re remodeling the library here at work and I had to go over there today to get a book. I really, really like when places make an effort to keep their old buildings, but to continue to make them useful and lively places for people to be.

Anyway, the coolest part is that they have you enter through what used to be where the catalogers worked, a part of the library unseen by non-librarians usually. And it has black and green checkerboard floors.

Saying “Yes”

They’re discussing “authenticity” over at Pandagon, in a way that should interest you people who love country music. (Weirdly enough, it was another Marcotte discussion about authenticity years ago that led me to conclude that women can’t be authentic, especially in country music, because femininity itself is always a performance, always already fake. We are disqualified from the authenticity race before the starting gun.

Anyway, one of the commenters over there linked to this, which I love, in deeply complicated ways. I do think there’s a lot of bullshit behind this whole notion of selling out. And I really like it from that angle.

But, the more it moved from speaking abut the specifics of artistry to a kind of general life philosophy, the more I disliked it. For many people, being able to say “no” is a great and freeing force, and one worth practicing.