10 thoughts on “Half a Rabbit

  1. My tiny little cat – barely 4 pounds – somehow managed to drag half a rabbit, just the half nearly big as him, into the house through the very small catdoor and place it neatly on the floor of the pantry. I found it by stepping on it.

    I was very proud of him, but I washed my foot an awful lot.

  2. Totally reminiscent of the time one of our cats took off with a turkey carcass that was two or three times bigger than she was. And made a flying leap off the deck with it that you wouldn’t have believed.

    Somebody had a good rabbit dinner there.

  3. And yet there’s a mouse in the kitchen? Maybe the tiny cat has gone rogue and is sending messages.

  4. My cat was only a great bug hunter, but he would reliably bring us dead moths and drop them at our feet and we praised him just as much as if he had taken down a bull elephant all alone :)

  5. I had a cat bring me half a squirrel to bed in the middle of the night. I took it back outside and gave it to his brother.

    Then I made a rule of ‘No squirrels in bed in the middle of the night.’ To go with ‘Do not put dead mice under the throw rug when you’re done playing with them.’ Because they crunch when you step on the rug. Sigh.

  6. rheather, I had a cat who (the one time we lived in a place with mice; she was a great mouser and cleared them out in about 10 days) started leaving dead mice under the throw rug next to my bed because I chewed her out about leaving them on top of the rug, where I would step right on them in my bare feet first thing in the morning. Yes, under the rug you get this unexpected crunch. But IMO that was the lesser of two evils.

  7. Oh yeah, if I’m stepping on a dead mouse I’d much rather it be under a throw rug. But crunching throw rugs are disturbing.

  8. EWW! I’m with Beth and Dolphin with this too! So glad my cats only bring me their toy mice!

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