Ooo, the Library

They’re remodeling the library here at work and I had to go over there today to get a book. I really, really like when places make an effort to keep their old buildings, but to continue to make them useful and lively places for people to be.

Anyway, the coolest part is that they have you enter through what used to be where the catalogers worked, a part of the library unseen by non-librarians usually. And it has black and green checkerboard floors.

9 thoughts on “Ooo, the Library

  1. Beale, the internet won’t get you into stuff you have to pay for. Unless you pay for it. The library will. Even online.

    — A Librarian

  2. I thought Google changed all that. You can access pages of books through the Great Gazoogle.

    Mostly I was being sarcastic. I go to the Downtown Library here all the time. It’s my “office.”

  3. People who are genuinely amazed that libraries continue to exist in the age of the internet remind me of people who are amazed that churches and synagogues continue to exist in the age of Postmodernism.

    For some people, me included, a Library is much like a church or synagogue. It’s the place where I’m at my happiest.

    B or Rachel, do either of you guys know offhand if a non-student can purchase a library card through Vandy? I’m itching to get at their material.

  4. Kat, there are various types of guest passes, although I think most are access-only, not circulation – I will check and send you some info.

  5. Or you could just ask B or Rachel to check books out for you. I [ahem] know someone who does that a lot.

  6. Ah, the risks of online sarcasm! :-)

    Google books is excellent, so long as you’re the kind of reader who’s happy with snippets! ;-)

    Y’all may want to check if Vandy has a “friends of the library” organization. Schools that do often give those friends circulation privileges.

  7. Old buildings are usually much better built than new ones, of course, but I love the old style architecture and character of old buildings. Our library is in one of the older buildings in Pottstown. Back when I was in 6th grade they were using a building from the early-1900s that was nice and cool when May and June got warm and it was stone outside, cinderblock and plaster with big stairways. When they built the big middle school in Downingtown, guess what? They tore down the Old East Ward School to make a playground. It would’ve made great senior apartments like an elementary school was converted in another school district.

  8. But you know, being in a library is almost like being in a church. I like having a quiet place to read or do research. We’re so bombarded by noise all day that it’s nice to find relatively quiet place.

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