Sorry, Mrs. Wiggleboottom

People, here’s the thing about old bull dogs: they are notorious for having shitty skin. It is important to keep your old pit bull clean and flea free. Keeping any animal out here flea free is fairly difficult, but we keep her Frontlined and the places she sleeps washed and vacuumed.  I had been using the Hartz oatmeal shampoo on her, but, after I washed her last week, we were out. And, if you’ve seen pictures of her, you know her skin has been really acting up this spring.

So, it’s been a week since her last bath.

I go to get Frontline at that place in Belleview, Bellevue, suddenly I can’t remember how to spell that. Anyway, they’re very friendly and I’m telling the woman who’s helping me about how Mrs. W.’s skin is bothering her and I’m looking for some soothing shampoo.

She hands me some. It’s pretty damn pricy, but you only have to use about a quarter size dollop, so it lasts a good long time.

I ask her about using it so soon after just washing her and with her skin already being so dry. But she says, go ahead.

So, I put Mrs. W in the tub. I turn on the water. I wet her down.  She has some big chunks of debris coming off her, but the water is clear.

I use the fancy new shampoo on her. It doesn’t foam up a whole lot. I let it sit on her for five minutes, as directed. Blah blah blah. It’s boring.

But people, when I rinsed her off, the water that came off her was muddy dark brown. It was like a year’s worth of dirt was just pouring off her.

Never, in my life, have I seen that much dirt come off a dog. Never mind a dog that had a bath last week.

Clearly, the Hartz shampoo was crap.

5 thoughts on “Sorry, Mrs. Wiggleboottom

  1. So, you have to tell us – what is the name of the good shampoo. Miss Katie wants to know…

  2. Yep, dying to know too.

    I think I might have some Frontline I’d sell you cheap if I still have it, let me make sure I still have it. We can’t use it anymore, it’s stopped working for us and we’re doing Advantage again these days.

    Is Mrs. W. in the 50-60 lb range or bigger? ‘Cos that’s the size I usually buy.

  3. My experiences has been that Hartz anything is crap.

    I just switched Zeke from Frontline to K9 Advantix. K9A is supposed to kill fleas, ticks AND mosquitos, and actively repel all of them. I’ll let you know how well it works.

  4. I agree – Hartz products are generally not good quality. Having had a variety of dogs over the years with finicky skin, I generally vote for anything featuring oatmeal or lavender. Smells good and is good for itching. I do wonder if you might not be bathing the sweetie a bit too often though. Unless they roll in something vile I never bathe my dogs more than once a month.

  5. No worries, ellen. I don’t normally bathe her but once a month. She’s bathed, dried, and Frontlined. But once I became suspicious that the Hartz shampoo wasn’t doing anything, I had to confirm it with a second bath this month.

    And it does seem to have improved her itching tremendously.

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