True Blood, First Episode, Season Three

I expect stupidity, a shocking lack of black people, considering that it’s Louisiana, and Eric being all bad-ass. I predict I will not be disappointed!

7:58 Here we go!

Do you remember when Kathy Tyson said “Fresh Blood” should be on True Blood? And here it is! Kathy is psychic!

–Ha, I am excited for this season again.

–There is just no way that the recap of last season can really cover everything.

–Oh, I forgot what a dumbass Jason is.

–“Deputy Jones.” Ha, I like Kenya.

–I have missed Terry, too.

–Arlene looks good this season.

–Who hasn’t been in love with a serial killer? Bwah ha ha ha ha.

–Bill, no one believes your nonsense.

–A lot less conscience and a lot more cajones. I forgot how funny this show can be.

–I’m in no mood for lesbian weirdness tonight. Hee

–Naked Erik! Woo hoo!

–Holy cow. Vicious Bill!

–Is it just me or has it been a long time since we’ve seen Bill tough and angry?

–Why would Sookie tell Tara that at this time?! Good lord, sometimes the people on this show are stupid.

–How did Bill find Sam? Oh, right. Well, I’m glad I’m on the same page as Sam.

–This has gotten weirdly hot.

–Ha oh, damn, I was hoping this story had just taken an awesome turn. But alas, just a dream.

–Well, Jason is right. Sometimes telling the truth can fuck someone up.

–Oh, lord, I’d forgotten Tara’s mom.

–I’m glad Sam sees right through Tommy.

–Oh no! Reverend Daniels. No, no, no. Between Tara’s mom and her version of God, Tara is pretty screwed.

–I’m glad to see the queen acting a little bad-assed

–Well, except that the Queen is acting all like Hamlet’s mom, protesting too much.

–Troubles with the IRS.

–Pam is hilarious!

–Poor Lafayette. He’s just in such a bad place.

–I don’t know. I’m kind of digging skulking, hungry Bill.

–Ha, ha, I love that Tara’s mom is hitting on the Reverend. That was a nice thing the actor did with her arms, too, a little graceful, erotic move.  I hate that character, but I think the actor is just brilliant.

–Sam, stealing mail is a federal offense.

–Poor Jason. All those girls laughing at his poor pecker.

–Operation Werewolf?!

–Werewolf Odinists?

–Damn it! That was it?!

This show is pretty terrible, still, but god damn it, I love it.

And now we have a post-mortem? Well, I wonder if this will go on throughout the season? But I like seeing all this wolf information.

Okay, so, that was that. I liked it. I wonder if my expectations have lowered so far and the shows quality has so improved that we’ve finally met in the middle?

9 thoughts on “True Blood, First Episode, Season Three

  1. Did you know you can’t just order an episode of True Blood on Comcast On-Demand without subscribing to HBO?

    I didn’t.

    Samantha = disappointed.

  2. I always say I’m not gonna watch and then I always end up getting sucked in when the season is about half gone. So I reckon I’ve got a couple more weeks of Not Watching before I cave. :-p

  3. Soookkeeehhhh.

    Also, Terry and Lafayette continue to be the most awesome characters on television.

  4. Samantha, clearly, you need to sell one of your husband’s kidneys and get to watching!

    JR, I am constantly tickled by characters on this show. I love Tara, too, and I hope she can swing her life back around after all this.

  5. That scene between Sam and Bill was hooooooottttt. Holy crap! I almost had to go take a cold shower. That first episode really did seem to be about showing off sexy male bodies. I can get behind that. If you know what I mean. (hee)

  6. I was all “Let the camera follow them into the shower! Let the camera follow them into the shower!”

    Ha, whew, yeah, that was fun!

  7. That’s pretty much exactly how our watching of True Blood was on Sunday! We have a big group that all gets together, eats, knits, and watches every episode on Sundays.

    Loved the dream sequence!

    Lafayette: “You…me…bridge…ain’t never gonna happen”

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