They Ran Over My Flowers

I am not even kidding. There’s a huge tire track right down the middle of my motherfucking foxglove. The daisies and the mysterious yellow flowers look like they got tackled by the fucking Titans. Some are dead.

I get it. You know.

I get it.

My shit isn’t shit. The things I love, my effort, it’s just some motherfucking shit that’s in the way.

I wish they loved me enough to pretend to respect me, you know?

God damn it.

10 thoughts on “They Ran Over My Flowers

  1. Give them a little extra love and some of them should come out of it. (That’s all I can say without getting ranty. I don’t even know what happened, but that tire track fills me with FURY.)

  2. Which “they”? Any idea?

    Nicki and I have just been cleaning up from the third vandalism incident in 6 weeks. We think we may know who’s involved, and we have little doubt it’s related to things I have published.


  3. I’m sorry to hear that, Tom. That’s got to be scary and infuriating.

    But in my case, I know exactly who did it. I wish it had been done out of anger. But I also know that it is really just a matter of him being willing to sacrifice himself at the altar of my brothers’ stupidity over and over and over again, because sons are important and him being willing to run over my flowers because they’ll grown back and the things I like and care about are frivolous in the first place.

    I honestly wish this were revenge. But this is just not giving a shit.

  4. Grrrrrr. I’m pretty sure we could fashion caltrops to plant in your garden. we could even make them pretty and colorful.

    Seriously, we could. It’s almost tempting as an art project… or would that be a craft project? Functional, yet decorative and uplifting.

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