The Monsters Receive Their Briefing on Millennium Park

Damn, I really like this poem, too. Nice poetic truth about Frankenstein, I think. I love beautiful words about ordinary things. Those are my favorite poems. Playful and beautiful about things I know about.


That last sentence may, indeed, mark me as a true Midwesterner.

2 thoughts on “The Monsters Receive Their Briefing on Millennium Park

  1. Thanks for reading and linking to “the monsters.” I appreciate your comments very much, and I’m so glad it found such a wonderful home at qaartsiluni.

  2. Oh, when I read “Millennium Park” in the title, I immediately wondered how many of them there are, that they pop up from Chicago to Nashville. But I see it’s only the one in Chicago, in all it’s strange juxtapositions of textures and space.

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