I had to get some cheese for this event, which is always very stressful for me because I know people really like cheese and that I don’t know shit about it. It’s like wine, but different in that people’s tastes in wine vary enough that, even if you pick out a wine that ends up being bad, someone might be like “Oh my god, the oak undertones are exquisite, even if the fruity notes are way too harsh.”

You don’t have to know what an oak undertone is or a fruity note, but it seems like you’ve at least bought a wine that, though not good, challenges the pallet.

With cheese, though? I don’t know.

So, I was all worried.

But I went to the Bordeaux Kroger, which apparently means that your choices of non-slice cheese are whatever Laughing Cow is and cheddar. So… that was easy enough.

2 thoughts on “Cheese

  1. I completely understand!

    And what’s with the class segregation of the cheese in the grocery store? I can barely decide which to buy when looking at one section, but knowing that there is another whole section of cheese that is supposedly fancy and better (and more expensive) just pushes me over the edge. I can only buy cheese according to already planned menus with clear recipes.

  2. Hey! Do not knock the Laughing Cow! It’s French – doesn’t that make it gourmet by default?

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