Hurray for Friends

I have been a little down, lately. Um, as you may have noticed. But dang, have I felt well-cared for. Thanks again, mystery flower person/people. The Corporate Shill, who I have known since we were very young adults, is swinging by for a few hours tomorrow.

This is part of the reason it’s good to have old friends. I said, “Please come. I am so bummed and I can barely leave the house and it’s covered in dog hair and there are dishes in the sink, though,” and she said, “Hey, I have two young kids. If everything isn’t covered in a sticky sheen of milk and juice, you’re a step ahead of me most days.”

It’s good to have friends you can see even when you don’t have it completely together. Who understand that you need to see them even when you’re not completely together.

I’m really lucky. Really lucky to know you guys.

One thought on “Hurray for Friends

  1. Those are the best kind of friends to have! Hooray for friends, indeed. So glad you have some handy.

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