The Ghost Messes with My Car?!

So, when I got home from work, it was raining. I parked in the yard for reasons that don’t matter. Just that I was parked in the yard. I was yakking to the Butcher on the phone, while I went and shut the shed door, which had come open in the wind. Then, I popped the trunk, got one load out, put it in the house, got the dog, got the other load, shut the trunk and went in the house.

When I went out with the dog just now, five hours later, the dome light in the car was on.  All the doors were shut. So, the switch had been flipped. Could it have been kids digging through the car while I was in the house? I guess. But I didn’t see any evidence and I’m not going back out there to look too closely in the dark. And I didn’t hear anything.

I don’t know. Freaked me out, though. Still shaking a little. I’m trying to convince myself that I could have somehow hit the switch on the dome light getting out of the car. The car started right up. So, I’m not sure it really could have been on this whole time. I’m trying to talk myself into ne’re do wells.

But just in case, when I got in, I said that folks needed to not freak me out. We can all live peacefully together, whoever in the back yard; me in the house as long as whoever’s in the back yard is courteous about not scaring the shit out of me.

6 thoughts on “The Ghost Messes with My Car?!

  1. Are you sure it’s only one ghost? What if it’s two, and they were “parking”? Do ghosts park?

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  3. Funny. The haints turned on the outside porch lights last night at our house (Don’t tell A…. I kept it to myself.) When I noticed it, shocked since I literally JUST WENT OUT THERE AND SPECFICALLY TURNED THEM OFF, I went out there to turn them off AGAIN and tell them it was bedtime! Maybe they came to your house. They probably know you’re haint-friendly. As you know, my haints have a penchant for turning on lights. ;)

  4. I slightly miss living in a haunted dwelling. My old townhouse had somebody (somebodies?) who liked to occasionally turn on lights and open doors.

  5. When I lived with my old roommate, “Dickface”, stuff moved a lot. We conveniently blamed it on “the ghost”

  6. While I was reading what you wrote about it, the thought crossed my mind that maybe the ghost knows how upset you were this week about your flowers and plants and wants to discourage you from parking in the yard so you don’t accidentally do the same thing.

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