An Open Letter to the TNDP

Dear TNDP,

Yet again, I have received another press release from you on a Friday that reads like it was put together by the guys who make Mad-Libs–Chip Forrester is [a negative emotion] about something some Republican has or hasn’t done.

In this case, Forrester is demanding to know if Haslam is sufficiently frowny-faced about the Gulf Oil Spill.

“Mr. Haslam’s family business has made a fortune selling gasoline and diesel fuel,” Forrester said. “Is he more worried about the fortune of his Big Oil buddies or the struggles of ordinary people like those affected by the oil spill in the Gulf?

Let me be very clear in what I am about to say.


People died. People lost their whole life’s work. People are getting sick from what happened there and they may die. Whole ecosystems have been damaged probably beyond repair. And, let me repeat, people fucking died.

And you want to score political points on the corpses of those dead people?!

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Not only is this not a way to have a discussion about who should be our next governor, this is not a way to have a discussion about how to make sure what happened in the Gulf isn’t repeated.

God damn. Y’all maybe better get out and walk around some and interact with the general public and remind yourself that this is not just some kind of rhetorical game here.

Deeply grossed out,

Aunt B.

16 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the TNDP

  1. Right on, I think its particulary lame that the release starts out attacking Haslam(with no real quotes or anything to back it up) and only as an afterthought attacks Ramsey, who has a long history of shitting on the environment.

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  3. Do you complain about everything?

    Do you have to use such foul language?

    No one likes a hyperventilating know-it-all.

  4. And yet, here you are.

    So, you should assume I don’t believe you about you not liking me.

    In answer to your questions–yes and yes.

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  6. Ironic that “Panty Twister’s” own panties apparently got twisted enough over it to bother taking time out and making an effort to comment. o.O

  7. I’m sick of the TNDP – sick of them all. They planned a training event on a Saturday and guess when they decided to invite me, on Thursday. Come on people, get your act together. I get a dm piece begging for money the same day Roy Herron comes out and says he’s AGAINST health care reform. Sorry – I’m sitting this one out. Tennessee Dems has forgotten that their candidates need to earn my vote, they just take it for granted.

  8. I don’t know much about the political atmosphere where you are, but I sure like you. Plus, I like that your proceeds go towards beer. We should have one, if you get to Portland, Oregon.

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  10. Not me, I would never take you for granted. In defense of the TNDP, they are preparing for the most hostile propaganda driven campaign in our history. The Republicans in this state have thrown out Ronnie Ray-guns 11th commandment which is, not to attack their fellow Repubs. They savaged each other in the Primary Campaigns, and will attack us with much more venom.

    Democrats don’t like negative attacks, and that says something about us. However, Republicans love them and respond to them, but more importantly so do Independents and we have to get them leaning back our way if we are to be Victorious in November.

    The Party is paying attention to our voters by having the best organization and ground game that we have ever had in this state, so we can get our people out to vote. We will not go the way of Kerry and Dukakis, you attack us we hit back and are prepared to take the fight to them.

    To the language purist among you if I have mis-spelled a word or two, I leave you with the immortal words of Andrew Jackson, ” It is a poor mind indeed that can only think of oneway to spell any word”. Aunt B keep up the good work, you are a reality check for me.

  11. Nationally, voters respond to an articulate vision of themselves succeeding. They vote for the person who seems to best understand what’s important to voters: economic security, a better life for their kids, a little dignity in their old age. That being said, I’d counsel against fanning fears or wasting too much time “fighting back” — if I could give you a piece of advice, I’d tell you and everyone running to get in touch with your inner calm straight talker and explain clearly what you’ve done and what you want to do, why you wanted to go into this crazy line of work and what keeps you trying your best in a thankless job. In short, please run like grown-ups who can govern. You’re not going to out-angry the GOP.

  12. Cripes, Ken Whitehouse went digging through the wayback machine to find this post, huh?

    Anyway, I hope the Dems are exploiting the local knowledge base they have and not relying solely on DC strategists who seem to think that we’re all a bunch of backwoods nutjobs.

    Hint hint.

  13. “they are preparing for the most hostile propaganda driven campaign in our history”
    Hey, well, good thing we have such an inspiring D gubernatorial candidate then. *headdesk*

    And Lind should rather have hired ACK to fill in. ;)

  14. I think folks are being too hard on Chip Forrester – he’s only doing what the real party “bosses” (Herron, Tanner and McWherther) tell him to do.

    It’s the last gasp of the good ol boy “Blue Dogs” who think keeping their districts poor in the name of fiscal conservatism is a good idea. Fincher got more votes than Herron in his own home county! What does that tell you about your conservative democratic approach.

    I’m a door knocking phone call making democrat who’s not doing one ounce of work for Herron – he’s more interested in chasing Republicans than acting like a Democrat. People are suffering – screw your fiscal conservatism. Next time Herron parades around talking about cutting spending – I hope he remember this, there are people in his hometown knocking on people’s door asking if they can pick dandelion weeds to get them through until they can get food.

    Fiscal Conservatism means wise investment – not “I’m so cheap my district is starving” self important pride.

    Before they go chasing after Republican votes maybe they should have a real conversation with the Democrats in their district.

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