One Blossom!

It’s kind of a pathetic blossom, but it’s a blossom never the less!

In Which Kids Hang in My Hammocks

The Corporate Shill and her husband, the Legal Eagle, and their kids and her parents all stopped by on their way to Florida yesterday. We hung out in the back yard and grilled out and the kids both fell out of the hammocks. Good lord, it’s a good thing that kids are made mostly of cartilage. They seem to just fall down, cry, and then get right back on with life.

The dog was pretty obnoxious at first, but then, it was so hot that she eventually just hung out under the table and ate whatever fell on the ground. I learned that dogs aren’t supposed to eat grapes, which I did not know.

I have been known to give the dog a grape or two, but no more.

Anyway, I have know these two for a million years, and it’s really, really nice to have friends to whom you can say, “Listen, I’m in a really fucked-up head-space and I’m going to be terrible company, but please come anyway,” and they do and they don’t mind if you can’t really think of anything to talk about.

This is not a quality I used to even know people had, but it’s definitely one I tend to search out in people as I get older.

Then I had the weirdest headache all night. It wasn’t very painful as far as headaches go (and I get migraines, so I know pain), but it was unignorable. Like, it wasn’t enough that I even took medicine before I went to bed, but then I couldn’t sleep from it.

It was like, if you heard someone singing slightly off-key, quietly, in another room.

But I think it may have just been this storm pulling itself together; that’s what I was feeling. And now it’s finally here, all rolling thunder and fat rain drops.

I really loved yesterday. It’s weird to look around and be like, “this is a fine, fine life.” But that’s how I feel.

Mrs. Wigglebottom also finally figured out what the kiddie pool we got for her last year was for and she had a wonderful time splashing around in it.

And then, when the kids were in it, it broke! Damn you cheap Walmart kiddie pool!

On the other hand, it was a cheap Walmart kiddie pool. You can’t really complain if you get as much fun out of it as we had yesterday.

I wish I could afford to fill it with dirt, because it might be hilariously awesome to have a giant plastic kiddie pool planter.

Edited to add: They said I had an accent! A slight Southern accent. I blame you, Tennessee.