True Blood Season Three, Episode Two

I find myself tuning in at 7:55, hoping I can will the show to start earlier. Ha.

Has the TV-MA part always dripped blood?

A Snoop Dogg tribute to Sookie Stackhouse?! Are we all on drugs? Or is that a real thing?

Bill ripped a dude’s ear right off!

Oh, Bill, I love that you’re all snarky about Cooter.

Dang, the King is very mean and hilarious. And kind of badass. I thought the whole royalty crap was a little cheesy, but this is definitely going better than I’d hoped for.

I really love Lafayette finally just being badass.

Off-kilter Erik is kind of intriguing.

So, these vampires can see themselves in mirrors.

OOOOOOO. Erik backstory!

I really love how subtly they’re holding Bill captive.

You know, I really like Tara and Lafayette’s relationship, not just because they’re awesome actors, but because people have cousins and cousins they are close to and yet, you rarely see that on tv.

I also feel like Hoyt and Jessica are really good portrayals of young love, with all the violence and the heartache, or at least, that’s how I remember it.

Jason wants to know if Santa’s real, too?! Oh, god, that’s awesome.

“Don’t move. Get out of the car.” It’s as if my family were on this show.

Shoot, Sam’s brother is pretty good at this acting crap, too.

Oh, lord, Terry with the silent stalking. Genius.

“God killed him, because he a faggot, but he keep coming back.” Already, this part is breaking my heart.

So, is Lafayette’s mom Tara’s mom’s sister?

Oh, the air kiss! Blech.

Yep, “there’s some darkness in this family.” They are sisters. That’s a really nice touch.

I like the Stephen King name-drop.

Sam, of course you didn’t imagine you had a brother. That’s difficult enough. But imagining a brother with such shitty sideburns? Who could do that?

The stripping off and revealing the scars is straight out of the version of Huck Finn we had to watch in grade school. And I am pleased with the pit bull appearance.

Oh my. Bill has gotten so much more interesting now that he’s been kidnapped. And weirdly hot.

Jason Stackhouse: Prettier than most girls.

Crap, Sam’s brother’s mean! And crafty.

And someone with hot boots has just walked into Bill’s house.

And found his file on Sookie!

Is Sookie smart enough to have put silver bullets in her gun? Oh, it’s Erik.

I’m really glad we’re seeing Godric, too.

I do, though! King of Mississippi, I need to say everything I’m thinking. At least, about this show.

I would like to think that this show will end with Terry being the only sane one.

Terry has an armadillo that sleeps under his bed! I hope he doesn’t get scabies or whatever. Don’t they carry something? Rickets? Someone tell me.

Ooo. The new vampire is the one with the sexy boots!

I wish Andy Belfleur had someone to smooch.

Or Kenya will end up being the only sane one. I forget. Is Kenya related in with Tara and Lafayette?

Nothing says “I’m happy to see my ex” like lighting her on fire, I guess.

That wasn’t that exciting of a cliff-hanger. I don’t even believe Sookie had silver bullets.

But normally the court intrigue isn’t that intriguing to me, but I’m kind of fascinated by it this season.

I can’t decide if this video is terrible or awesome. It’s both. I don’t understand what the brownhaired chic is there for. Hmmm. Well.

Okay, so obviously, they needed to separate Sookie and Bill if only to give Bill something to do that was sexy and intriguing. I also expect, after all this nonsense, for Bill to be one of the signers of some kind of Vampire Declaration of Independence. These monarch seem unhinged.

I’m intrigued by the new vampire and his sexy boots.

And I kind of hope Sookie does throw herself into fucking all these hot dudes. She’s too young to settle down with Bill.

I get such joy watching these actors, though. It feels like they’re really having a good time. It’s kind of a treat to watch them just taking this cheesy ass crap and making something kind of compelling out of it.

4 thoughts on “True Blood Season Three, Episode Two

  1. It looked to me too like the boots of the unrevealed Sookie-searcher were identical to the James Frain boots in Merlotte’s. There is significat disagreement on this point on the TWOP website.

    Quick question: was the Cabinet-of-Newspaper Clippings With the Sookie Dossier in Bill’s house? If so, and if those were the FrainBoots, doesn’t that mean JF likely removed the dead guy from Jessica’s Crawlspace of Daytime Slumber?

    BTW, ALFRE freakin’ WOODARD! Good job, Show.

  2. I was surprised people were even confused about this. For starters, Sookie had the werewolf’s boots and I think she’d be acting much differently if she’d found Bill had a whole dossier on her. And I thought the camera work made it clear: here are some boots; here are those boots again.

    So, yeah, I think dude probably got rid of the dead guy.

  3. I can’t stand to watch the show but I love your updates.

    And it’s leprosy that armadillos carry-though I don’t think it’s the people kind.

  4. I always think about what you’re thinking when I watch this show, and it’s kind of like I get to watch it with you. I was so excited when Sam’s brother turned into a pit bull!

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