Unbelievably, My Creek is Dry

In spite of just living through the wettest May on record and being in the middle of a pretty wet June, my creek is dry. I find this annoying, that someone upstream can just shut off our creek whenever he gets a mind to (and he seems to usually get a mind to about the beginning of June). But it really pisses me off this year, because, if he had closed his dam or whatever on the Saturday of the flood, who knows how differently Sunday would have gone?

It seems to me that, if you want to be able to stop a creek from flowing when it suits you, regardless of the wishes of people downstream, you might act neighborly to them about stopping it when they need it to stop.

And I’d like to kick the person who gave this person permission to stop my creek. I mean, you can’t just dam up a creek without a permit, right?

5 thoughts on “Unbelievably, My Creek is Dry

  1. I’m pretty sure the Department of Natural Resources (or the equivalent in TN) would have something to say about that (at least, they do here in MN). If it were me, I would be making some phone calls and finding out what can be done, if anything. If the creek runs through state land, or feeds wetlands, I would think it would be against the law to dam it up. Worth checking into, anyway.

  2. Well, I’m going to look into this and see. Being this is Tennessee, we probably do have great leeway to do what we want on our own property without considering the effects on our neighbors, but you never know.

  3. A pretty wet July? Your neighborhood must be in a different ecosystem than mine. My yard is scorched and the garden is stunted due to lack of water. Sure we’ve had some pretty good storms, but they’re so intense the rain and the runoff are gone before they do any good.

    I’m going to guess that your stream falls into the classification ‘wet weather conveyance’ rather than stream. One of the criteria is how it shows up on US Geological Survey maps, and yours doesn’t show up. I

    What makes you suspect that someone is holding water? Have you actually seen a structure? It may be groundwater coming out of a spring up in those hills north of Lloyd Rd. That would explain how it runs a lot when it’s dry, but still quits in the high summer.

    If there is a dam upstream, I doubt it could have done anything to help during the floods. It would have to be pretty small considering the size of the drainage basin and when you hold water you have to manage release pretty carefully to keep from making things worse. Everyone thinks the Corps of Engineers is bullshitting because they screwed up at Old Hickory Dam, but they aren’t and they didn’t screw up.

    If you want to get official attention I’d go here and send them an email from the ‘contact Water Pollution Control’ link.


    You might want to consider it carefully though. If they decide that really is a stream it may cause you difficulties down the line for things involving the stream down the line. Like repairing your wall, fixing the concrete bottom, repairing your little bridges, or having a septic system right next to a stream.

  4. Wow, well, it just goes to show you how much the weather can vary from place to place, even in the same broader area. Things get wilty here in the heat in the afternoon, but my ground is soft and, in some spots, actively muddy.

    My yard is still crazy green. Even the Shill and the Legal Eagle commented on how green everything was.

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