Two Thoughts

1. I can’t find the orange cat and I can’t remember the last time I saw him for sure.

2. I actually paid for chicken poop to spread on my corn. What a weird world we live in.

I hope the orange cat comes back soon. I am bummed about his absence. I know he was around Thursday. I’m pretty sure he was around Friday. But I don’t remember seeing him after that.

For Memories’ Sake

The Professor told me about this documentary she saw at the Nashville Film Festival. She made it sound incredibly interesting and so I tried to find local reviews of it. Nothing. So, I decided I’d write something up about it for Pith.

I just watched it last night and I am so floored by it. So, the basic premise is that the documentarian’s grandmother, who lives up by my vet, has taken photos every day for the past thirty or forty years and, in that time, become a really talented artist. She doesn’t seem to really see herself that way, though. But still.

I don’t know. I have about a million questions for the filmmaker about some of the interesting choices she makes. But it’s really got me wondering about how much of being an Artist is recognizing the necessity of marketing yourself and developing those skills.

I’m also really interested in talking to her about what it’s like for her to go away and become an Artist and come back and make Art about her grandmother’s art. Her family has some really interesting aesthetic ideas about what her grandmother is up to and why. It just made me think, again, that a lot of people have a vocabulary for talking about art, they just think they don’t because they don’t think of it as art.

I really loved this film and I’m excited to interview her.

Shoot, I Want to Live in Devaney’s World

From here:

The GOP gubernatorial candidates were introduced by Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Chris Devaney, who told the crowd “we have a good candidate” in Democratic nominee Mike McWherter.

“We can all argue whether Phil Bredesen has been a good governor … but the bottom line is Phil Bredesen does not have coattails,” Devaney said. “Mike McWherter is a liberal. He’s pro-choice. He’s for expanded state and federal government. We’re going to beat him.”

Mike McWherter is a liberal?! I wish.

On a side note, I’ve decided that one of the problems I have with Forrester has been clarified by Devaney here. When the people who are supposed to be behind the scenes step forward to interject their own opinions into matters, it makes me feel like they have no confidence in their candidates’ ability to deliver these points.