Shoot, I Want to Live in Devaney’s World

From here:

The GOP gubernatorial candidates were introduced by Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Chris Devaney, who told the crowd “we have a good candidate” in Democratic nominee Mike McWherter.

“We can all argue whether Phil Bredesen has been a good governor … but the bottom line is Phil Bredesen does not have coattails,” Devaney said. “Mike McWherter is a liberal. He’s pro-choice. He’s for expanded state and federal government. We’re going to beat him.”

Mike McWherter is a liberal?! I wish.

On a side note, I’ve decided that one of the problems I have with Forrester has been clarified by Devaney here. When the people who are supposed to be behind the scenes step forward to interject their own opinions into matters, it makes me feel like they have no confidence in their candidates’ ability to deliver these points.

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