It Was Like it was Me Day over at SouthComm Yesterday

1. I had a column in the City Paper. Graph I hope sticks with you:

No astute politician, male or female, would make a joke involving the forced undressing or groping of women (regardless of their political persuasion) in front of a group that included women who had any power. Very, very few women, if any, want to sit around and hear people tell jokes that imply some kind of sexual assault. A person can only tell that joke if she feels pretty confident that the audience is receptive, and if she’s fairly certain that the people who won’t like it can’t really do anything about it.

2. I had this post at Pith about media bullshit. Favorite line?

You just read a post by a woman referencing posts written by women, and you didn’t die of exposure to woman cooties and you got to think a little bit about some things you probably weren’t thinking about before you read this post.

3. I had this post positing that Jesus was an illegal immigrant. People disagreed. Note to self: a lot of people in Nashville know a shit-ton about first century politics in the Middle East.

4, And this post about the domestic violence unit and how they’ve known for at least a year and a half that this could be a problem.

And I watched that “For Memories’ Sake” documentary again and sent the filmmaker a bunch of in-depth questions about the film so I can write about that for Pith. And then, today, I hit them with my park review of the awesome Moss Wright Park up in Goodlettsville.

Whew. No wonder my blogging over here has been sucking lately.