10 thoughts on “Shoot, It Looks Like My Parents Have an ICP Infestation

  1. I am SO intrigued about this whole midwestern ICP thing. remind me to get you to explain in depth the next time I see you.

    I swear, it’s like ICP is the midwestern answer to the redneck South’s fascination with Lynyrd Skynyrd…

  2. Yeah, can’t say I ever heard anyone back up north say, “Let’s listen to some ICP, you guys!” whereas I can attest to witnessing many a, “Hey y’all, play some Skynyrd!”

  3. Dear me, that is absolutely hilarious.

    ICP fans tend to make me not feel too bad about being a Slipknot fan.

    I really only in recent years have gotten to where I can stand much Skynyrd again. There are a couple of tunes I have always liked even thru the non-phase (“Tuesday’s Gone”, “Simple Man”, but especially since I grew up smack dab thru the ’70s, I totally got burned out on Skynyrd and pretty much after high school refused to listen to it.

    Somewhere along the lines later, nostalgia got me back to where I’d listen again sometimes – much as it rather inexplicably made me not turn the radio every time I heard a Rush song, which really makes no sense because back in the day I always HATED Rush.

    I honestly do remember a time when you could literally not go out for pizza, or much of anything else to eat, without hearing “Free Bird” or “Sweet Home Alabama” on the jukebox wherever you were. Everywhere. For years. Hence the burnout.

  4. This is too hilarious.

    There’s no possibility that’s just a member of the Kiss army, is there?

  5. Bwah ha ha ha ha. I will have to ask if his symptoms include not understanding how magnets work or wanting to rock and roll all night. That’s probably the only way to be certain.

  6. Don’t lump me in with the Skynyrd people – the only song I can stomach is “Tuesdays Gone” – and that’s due to loving the movie “Dazed and Confused”

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