Dad and Flowers

Oh, y’all, when I talked to my parents just now they were still so shook I couldn’t bear to even tease them a little bit about Dad being stricken by Bell’s Palsy by God for running over my flowers. Mom was all “It could have been so much worse. We’re so lucky… blessed, I mean, blessed.”

Dad was all complaining because he can’t hear out of his ear and he can’t drive because his eye isn’t quite right. But, if my dad’s complaining, you know he’s feeling better. It’s when he’s sweet that you have to worry something’s really wrong.

Thank the gods the Butcher went with them.

Anyway, in their honor, here are some of the new flowers in my garden. If you could identify these first ones, I’d appreciate it. I thought they were a weed, but they look like a real thing now.

3 thoughts on “Dad and Flowers

  1. My mom had that once, and it resolved quickly with no lingering effects. It’s not dangerous, just a pain in the ass, as far as I know. And of course everyone thinks “stroke!” and that freaks them out when they see you.

  2. I think it is a phlox, too. I guess I must have cut them down last year, not knowing what they were. Glad they came back.

    emjaybee, I think that’s what freaked my mom out. I’m sure she thought my dad was having a stroke. Glad he’s not!

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