Family Crap

The family is stuck in Albuquerque where my dad is in the hospital and the trailer is in the repair shop. The trailer needs new breaks. My dad, apparently, has Bell’s Palsy.

Well, fuck me, Martha. I knew he was speaking strangely when he was here. I thought he had a sore tooth or something. I even asked him about it and he kind of blew me off.

I feel a little helpless, even though the Butcher assures me everything is going to be fine.

6 thoughts on “Family Crap

  1. Your dad’s Bell’s palsy will almost certainly resolve itself and usually very quickly. But after it passes – I swear I’m not making this up – he might cry every time he eats.

  2. Oh my god, JR, you gave me the biggest startle of my blogging career. Totally not your fault, but the first time I ever heard of Bell’s Palsy was watching wrestling because announcer, Jim Ross has it.

    Everyone calls him JR. So, when a JR spouting great Bell’s Palsy knowledge…

    For a second, let me just admit, your were not who I thought you were.

  3. Sorry to disappoint, but I like the idea of Jim Ross having a Google Alert set up for bloggers talking Bell’s palsy, so he can cruise the internet dispensing hard-won comfort to people.

  4. What a good thing the Butcher is there with them, huh? I hope your father is up and around very soon.

  5. CRAP! I’m just now reading all this … so so far behind. Glad to hear they’re back on this side of the Mississippi, sorry to see this has been going on! SHEESH!

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