More lemony and less musky than other magnolias I’ve smelled, but I’ll take it!

I can’t wait for the day when the tree is covered in stinky blooms.

The Ghost Stories Consume My Life

In another pocket of things going on, I have been meeting with folks and trying to figure out the logistics of self-publishing the ghost stories v. hunting around further for an appropriate publisher. It’s kind of exciting and daunting.

But the consensus seems clear that, in this day and age, a person can self-publish a book and live to tell the tale. And that, maybe, considering the publishing climate, it’s a legitimate choice. I’ve asked folks about the cost of getting it professionally designed. I’ve asked folks about what kind of press kit I need. I’m debating whether to buy my own ISBN, etc. etc.

And I’ve got to get these stories edited.  I’m feeling pretty good about them, though, I must say. With the exception of a couple which need to be majorly reworked, they seem to be in pretty good shape.

Ha, sadly, though, when I told someone who was familiar with my mad type-setting skills that I might typeset the book myself, she said, “Um, maybe you should let me help you with that.”

Random Monday

–After two tire blow-outs, break issues, Bell’s Palsy, and other assorted misadventures, my family is back.

–I haven’t watched True Blood yet! Thank goodness for On Demand.

–Seeing the Tennessee Coneflowers yesterday really still blows my mind. It’s hard to believe there’s a place so unique so close to me. I also realized that I should not have sprinkled my fireplace ashes on that end of the bed. This winter, I’ll put ashes on the peonies, but clearly, the coneflowers might appreciate some pine needles.

–I’m considering putting a few more Tennessee Coneflowers in my garden, I am so tickled by my adventure yesterday.

–The dog and the oldest nephew were actually chasing each other around in the yard yesterday. I honestly don’t know where she gets the energy in this weather. Or maybe I’m misinterpreting when she finks out on walks. As a human, if I have to stop and rest on a walk, you know it’s because I can go no further without resting right then. But maybe she just stops when she gets uncomfortable and rests until she’s comfortable again. I don’t know. I do know that she’s loving going outside and baking in this weather.

–The orange cat is so happy to have his boy home.

–The throw I’m working on is boring the crap out of me. I don’t know why I try to crochet in the summer anyway, but, whew, this is almost unbearable. I’m going to have to switch it up some just to keep me interested.