4 thoughts on “The Bell Witch Poster

  1. Ever been into Bell Witch Cave, Aunt B? I was there back in the early ’80s.
    Back then, you could also drive around a lot of gravel roads that are now on private property. I used to know where a lot of the old slave graveyards were.

  2. No. I’ve been up to that old school that’s now a museum a bunch. But not in the cave. And, whew, now even their downtown is a creepy ghost town!

    I know there must have been a ton of slave cemeteries all over, but it’s hard to get a bead on where they are. I know of one south of Nashville and I know vaguely where one is in Bells Bend and that’s it.

    Did the ones you know of have grave markers?

  3. Pretty much just unmarked stones. I don’t know how many still exist; they were on private property even then, it’s just that folks didn’t mind crazy-assed redneck kids blasting around late at night.

  4. The Bell family, of “Bell Witch” infamy, owned nine slaves; many are buried in the old family graveyard. Their graves were marked with sandstones, nearly all of which have since deterioriated.

    The Johnston, Fort, and Gunn families, neighbors of the Bells, owned many slaves. One record states that Rev. Thomas Gunn owned sixty slaves.

    Slave graveyards are plentiful throughout nothwestern Robertson County, but in many cases the markers have deteriorated.

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