The Ghost Stories Consume My Life

In another pocket of things going on, I have been meeting with folks and trying to figure out the logistics of self-publishing the ghost stories v. hunting around further for an appropriate publisher. It’s kind of exciting and daunting.

But the consensus seems clear that, in this day and age, a person can self-publish a book and live to tell the tale. And that, maybe, considering the publishing climate, it’s a legitimate choice. I’ve asked folks about the cost of getting it professionally designed. I’ve asked folks about what kind of press kit I need. I’m debating whether to buy my own ISBN, etc. etc.

And I’ve got to get these stories edited.  I’m feeling pretty good about them, though, I must say. With the exception of a couple which need to be majorly reworked, they seem to be in pretty good shape.

Ha, sadly, though, when I told someone who was familiar with my mad type-setting skills that I might typeset the book myself, she said, “Um, maybe you should let me help you with that.”

7 thoughts on “The Ghost Stories Consume My Life

  1. I’ve been contemplating the self-publishing route too.

    We need agents! :) I am sorely out of my league when it comes to understanding publishing information.

  2. I’m embarassed to admit I didn’t know that but in my defense I don’t catalog or look at things from the publishing end, but I didn’t know a person or a publisher might have to buy an ISBN! This is interesting to me in a very nerdy way.

    Do you mind saying how much they can cost?

    If your side bar said all proceeds to go beer and ISBNs that would be awesome! Unless ISBNs are truly expensive – that would not be awesome.

  3. Oh, sure. An ISBN is about $100. And, if I had it, then I would be, in essence, my own publishing house. And, I guess, one never knows when she might need her own publishing house.

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