Vampires All Evening

First, I watched True Blood. Am I wrong or was the scene where Eric was all overcome with bloodlust while he was eating the werewolf surprisingly hot? And then I just loved how he walked around with blood smeared all over him. Quite a contrast to Bill.

I know other folks are kind of put out with the whole Mississippi storyline, but I’m kind of liking Bill with an evil streak. He would make a great and charming bad guy.

And then I read The Graveyard Book, which one of you recommended a million years ago and it was great!

So, that was nice.

One thought on “Vampires All Evening

  1. On the TWOP site, most of the early discussion seemed to be about whether the Bill-Lorena hookup at the end of the show was rape or not. To me it seemed consensual, if demented. When you say a post-coital, “I love you, Bill,” that seems to eliminate rape from the discussion, even if your head is on backwards when you say it.

    I was also squicked out by the Rutina Wesley-James Frain coupling earlier. Glamouring your paramour seems like the moral equivalent of roofies to me…especially since Tara spent all of last season under alien control.

    The Pam-Yvetta lesbo-thon still seems like the most normal pairing of the night.

    Do you think Arlene is carrying Rene’s child?

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