More Thoughts on the TNDP

Listen, I’m pissed because the stakes are so high. Anyone who’s paying attention to how the Democrats are engaging with the world has got to find it strange. Anyone who needs the Democrats to step up to the plate has got to be pissed.

I’m sure it would be just great if all the people at the more liberal end of the spectrum just left the state and you could just focus on your imaginary ideal white, rural, conservative Christian voter who would be all about voting for Democratic candidates if only there weren’t so many goddamn Democrats in the state. (But, then, y’all don’t listen to the rural folks anyway. Do you think they don’t notice that?)

Here’s the deal: we get that for you this is just politics. Like a never-ending chess game, you move this pawn there, they move that piece somewhere, and at the end of the day, whoever seems to have control of the board wins, for that day. But there are a lot of us in this state, who can’t just pick up and move just because the TNDP doesn’t like us, who need Democrats to watch out for us. We need jobs. We need basic protections. We need not to be poisoned. We need our babies to make it to their first birthdays and beyond. We need you to fight for us.

And you’re embarrassed by us. You wish we’d just go away. Or accept the tiny bit you’d maybe give because it’s a tiny bit more than Republicans would (at least on purpose).

And, I, at least, and I think others, can’t do that because the stakes are so high for us.

We get that. I’m not sure the TNDP does.

19 thoughts on “More Thoughts on the TNDP

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  2. I’m still in the tent! I’m just complaining because they keep shoving me in the part of the tent that leaks, far away from the ice cream, metaphorically.

  3. It’s not that B isn’t in the tent. It’s that some folks are picking up the tent poles and trying to move the whole damn thing to the right.

  4. Good lord, I wouldn’t even last a day into the vetting process. They’d be all “On your blog, you appear to have used the term ‘cooter’ eleven billion times. Would you be better described as an uncouth hussy or a slattern whore?”

  5. I haven’t heard the term “slattern” since my great-grandmother used to use it – and when she was born, Geronimo was still alive!

  6. Mike Turner, when you are rescuing people from fire and flood, and they kinda sorta fight you because they are in a panic, do you just murmur at them in French? Because I have the feeling that if you did they would just relax into your arms all overcome, and you could carry them out easily.

  7. If the TNDP had a fundraiser where firefighters murmured soothing things in French about the state of the party, I would go back on my vow of never giving money to the TNDP ever again.

  8. Of course, the TNDP will never do that, because they have no idea what kinds of things might keep women from being angry at them other than “But the Republicans would be so much worse.”

    We’d be all “Ooh, firefighters murmuring in French soothing things about the state of the Party,” and they’d be all “We will let Mike Turner come in and say ‘Lafayette’ in a room 50 feet away from where you are seated and you will like it and give us money and stop your bitching or else the Republicans will get into office and outlaw French.”

  9. No, if someone suggested that, some consultant would say that polls show that some people in rural counties think French is “queer” and the whole fundraiser would be scrapped.

  10. Wait…if we’re going to have firefighters sing sweet nothings to us in French…

    …does that mean that TY COBB is going to be there too?!?!?!

  11. Let me just step in to note that the more accurate question would be ” … a slatternly whore.”

    Behaving in the manner of a slattern could result in one being described as “slatternly”. Behaving in the manner of a Tennessee Democrat, of late, could result in one be described as a fool.


    she of Slatterns and Hooch

    (Disclaimer: I think we’re all slatternly at one point or another. I plan to be so beginning this afternoon about 5:30 and up until about 2:30 next Tuesday morning. Or whenever I finally decide to vacuum. And it could involve hooch. And maybe firefighters.)

  12. See also, “trollop,” “strumpet,” and “jade.” Anybody else got any Victorian terms?

    Oh, and honi soit qui mal y pense. Happy 4th.

  13. And my favorite French punchline:

    Restaurant customer: Avez-vous les jambes de grenouille?

    Waiter: Non, monsieur. Je marche comme ca toujours.

    Now, Happy 4th.

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