The Old Harding Pike Horseman

“The Old Harding Pike Horseman” is the name of a story that I wrote so dull that I’m afraid if I include it in the October ghost stories, it will cause a collective nap to break out throughout the blogosphere. And I am loosely organizing the stories into two months, as I told you, with April’s stories being a little lighter and happier than October’s (though not exclusively) and so, not only does “The Old Harding Pike Horseman” suck in terms of being boring, I need to fill a slot in October, and it extra doesn’t fit because it’s not even a little bit scary.

But I need something for Bellevue, which I find to be a remarkably unscary part of town.

So, this could be a challenge.

5 thoughts on “The Old Harding Pike Horseman

  1. Ending up married & living in the suburbs of Bellvue with 2.5 kids and a guinea pig is one of the worst nightmares I can imagine.

  2. Betsy, I am certain there is a very creepy story in the grey mortarwork of Newsom’s Mill. Go out there and have a look!

  3. I am almost positive that Newsom’s Mill has a real ghost story already attached to it, but I’ll be damned if I can remember what it is.

  4. Newsom’s Mill definitely has a creepy history to it, although after the flood, the man who remains missing disappeared right there around the mill when the river overtook the road (Newsom’s Station Rd.). After visiting the location, I don’t think that’s the only story here, though. I believe something else happened, long ago, that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge.

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