The Tiny Cat is Trying to Do Me in

Ever since she’s retired from the CIA, the tiny cat has taken to being weird towards us. Yes, she’s retired from professional spying, but she still continues bizarro behaviors clearly designed to break me and make me confess. Sadly, I’m not sure what she wants to hear. At this point, I would tell her anything, if it meant an end to her walking into rooms and meowing plaintively for no reason or jumping up on the toilet just as I’m settling in to pee or getting in my clean clothes or upending the cooler in the kitchen or throwing everything she can on the ground.

And today, I woke up and found her on new kitty’s corner of the bed.

Poor new kitty, who hasn’t been seen since the dog scared the crap out of her yesterday.

Anyway, I’m glad the Butcher’s home, but who knows what the tiny cat might have in store for him?