Get It Together, Dad!

So, my dad’s doctor thinks it might not be Bell’s Palsy but might, instead, be brought on by Lyme Disease.

Well, so, that sucks.

6 thoughts on “Get It Together, Dad!

  1. The “nice” part is that they’ve been stressing me out so much lately that this is just one more ripple in the pond, you know?

  2. Long-time lurker popping uo to say that my brother-in-law, as a child, got Bell’s Palsy from a bad case of Lyme. So, you know, just to add a data point. (They were at their vacation place in the mountains, and had to drive at like a bazillion miles an hour down to the city to get him to the children’s ER. It’s a treasured family story, right up there with the time my wife puked on her uncle immediately upon being handed to him, or got her grandfather lost on the way to preschool because he trusted a three year old to give him directions.)

    Sending y’all good vibes.

  3. Oh, dear. I hope he’s dealing with the news alright. The good part of it is that it’s pretty totally curable. The bad part is that he’ll be exhausted for a while.

  4. Oh yuck. Lyme Disease can be hard to deal with in advanced stages. Good luck.

    Did you ever read Amy Tan’s autobiography where she talks about having Lyme Disease?

  5. Hi Aunt B.! At least now you know the diagnosis so that helps some. Unfortunately, the heat and flooding will probably add to more cases, plus the mosquito population will be growing more too. Up here in PA we have an increase of deer ticks and now mosquitoes too because it’s hot and dry and water is going stagnant. I hope your dad does well with treatment and gets to feeling better. Oh, vets up here are recommending especially pets who are outside at all take a heartworm preventative due to the mosquito overpopulation. When it rains, it pours!

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