Some Can Get Their Pictures Made; Some Can’t

I hope y’all find the last bunch of pictures, as I try to get a photo of the new kitty, as funny as I do.

3 thoughts on “Some Can Get Their Pictures Made; Some Can’t

  1. Hi Aunt B! I always love your flower pix and the cats are adorable! We just hit the century mark here around 5:30 EDT and the cats here have been sleeping in the family room and sunroom most of the day. They move like little limp cat dishrags. The AC is a humming, the cats are a-snoring, and the Weather Channel says, in Pottstown you’re going to reach 102 tomorrow. NO-O-O-OOO!

  2. I’m excited that not only did I get to meet the Tiny Cat, but that she let me pet her. And the orange cat seemed to like my lap. That’s always a nice compliment coming from a cat.

  3. Both of those cats really seemed smitten with you right out of the gate. The orange cat didn’t even try to bite you or anything!

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