Why The Professor is One of My Favorite People

So, the Professor made an experimental cake for this party that she’s going to, one that contained balsamic strawberry puree. Oh, I know, already, you’re like, “Damn, how did that turn out? Did it taste good?”

Mere seconds ago, she called me because she dropped the cake. In her gravel driveway. As you can imagine, she is devastated.

But she imparts two pieces of information to me immediately.

1. Obviously, she dropped the cake on her gravel driveway; it’s a complete loss.

2. And, even worse, it was delicious.

Yes, this woman, seeing her experimental cake explode all over the driveway, still, for the sake of Motherfucking Science, scooped up a part untouched by the driveway and tasted it so that the cake would not be a total loss.

I felt terrible for her, but I had to cheer when I heard that. Damn straight, Fate. You may destroy our cakes, but you cannot completely rob us of their deliciousness.  It’s almost like a metaphor for life.

6 thoughts on “Why The Professor is One of My Favorite People

  1. Professor, please post the recipe! That sounds impressive!

    Sad, too. But mostly impressive.

  2. I wish I had taken a photo with my phone. As awful as it was to lose the cake, it actually wasn’t a complete success. The flavor was good, but the consistency wasn’t. It was too moist and might not have even sliced into pieces. But here’s what I did and some ideas about what I might try next.

    I started with a basic generic recipe for a cheater’s cake:
    1 box yellow cake mix
    1 box vanilla pudding mix
    4 eggs
    1 1/2 cups liquid divided equally water, oil, liquor (I like amaretto best but rum works too, lots of possibilities – did a harvey wallbanger once too)
    a dash or two of extracts too are good, depending on your flavors (vanilla, almond, etc)

    bake in greased & floured bundt pan 50+ minutes at 350 degrees

    So instead of water and liquor I had a puree of strawberries that had been soaking in equal parts balsamic vinegar and sugar.

    Think I put in too much because I wanted a strong flavor and ended up with a full cup and a half of puree. And then tried to glaze it with plain strawberry puree and powdered sugar. But the cake was too warm and it kinda soaked in rather than cover, which just added to the moisture.

    Next time I will surely skip the glaze (or at least start baking with enough time for the cake to entirely cool). But I also think I need to work from scratch on this one, maybe a simple white cake base with some liquids replaced with the puree. The yellow cake was too dominant a flavor.

    And I might make layers instead of a bundt. Then make a strawberry cream cheese icing for it.

    Oh, I did use a couple drops of red food coloring to make sure the cake was pinkish since the yellow cake plus the balsamic had it looking a little dirty. Hoping the white cake will also be prettier.

  3. I’ve actually been thinking about that and wondering if another berry would work as well with balsamic. Guess we could experiment. ‘Cause really, just the balsamic strawberries with some cream, or ice cream, damn delicious. Oh, a sprinkle of black pepper with them really makes a hugely worthwhile difference too.

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