Vegetable Oil

So, tonight, as I was stuck to a carton of Chinese food, I thought, this is a reason why I am not married. But when the Butcher said “Vegetable oil will unstick you,” and it did, I thought, how is this man not married?

How many things do you know that can unstick you once you’ve spilled a jar of varnish all over yourself?


That’s some handy knowledge the Butcher has.

I Would Go Here on Vacation

As I was staining my shelves yesterday, out in the beautiful weather, with a hummingbird flitting over to see what I was up to and butterflies all thick in the yard, dashing from flox to coneflower and back, I had this thought–that, if I didn’t live here, I would want to vacation here. Not just in Nashville, but in this very spot.