Crowdsourcing the Ghost Stories

So, if I break the stories up into two months–April and October–do I still number the stories one through sixty one? Or do I number them like calendar dates–two sets of one through thirty/one?

5 thoughts on “Crowdsourcing the Ghost Stories

  1. I’m leaning that way, too. I mean, what’s the point in self-publishing, if you can’t do some ridiculous stuff just because you like it?

  2. yep. two sets with calendar dates.

    oh and been thinking about when you post them but never responded when you asked a couple weeks ago. sure 9pm is a little late (for most folks) but it’s not really that late. I like the time. It’s after sunset; that’s cool. And, I like the anticipation of waiting each day for the next one to show up. They’re like grown-up bedtime stories, which would be a good way to market them – with calendar dates!

  3. I agree with the professionals above. It makes it more real if they’re tied to actual days even though most people probably won’t read them one day at a time.

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