Back Jacket Copy

You know, I could write jacket copy all day for anyone but me. Writing my own, which I want to be tempting and engaging and enticing, which I guess, is the same as tempting, has been incredibly anxiety-producing. Like squeezing out a turd when you’re constipated. I have an idea of where I want to end up and I know what all goes into it, but getting what I want through me and out in a productive manner has not been easy.

Here’s what I’ve got.

No one knows for sure why Nashville has so many ghosts. Is it because the place has been inhabited for thirteen thousand years? Or perhaps because the Devil keeps a summer home here?

Whatever the reason, this is the kind of place where the living and the dead often linger too long in each others’ company. Babies long dead cry in church parking lots, where they are comforted by current parishioners.  A friendly neighbor cooks breakfast even after his body is under ground. And something stalks and preys on the living in the old tunnels underneath the downtown.  In tales that range from spine-tingling to heart-breaking, A City of Ghosts offers up an alternative, haunted history of Nashville.

I think that’s pretty good. I’d be tempted to read it.

4 thoughts on “Back Jacket Copy

  1. I think that’s pretty darned good jacket copy. It makes me want to read the book already.

  2. > the place has been inhabited for thirteen thousand years

    That’s the sort of statement that could cost you the Young Earth Creationist market.

  3. [This is obviously where some spam used to be. I just couldn’t give up “Lingerie Chantelle.” Something about it inspired me. I could imagine a short story called “Lingering Chantelle” or an Old West Soiled Dove named Lingerie Chantelle. So. I’m leaving it. b.]

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