The Butcher Sums It Up

At dinner tonight, I was telling the Butcher about the whole McWherter stands with Arizona thing and he said, “So, I guess that’s just a race I don’t vote in.”

I’m also thinking it’s time we just accept that no one has any idea how to bring jobs to Tennessee. That’s why they’re talking about cutting government even further, as if it’s not already dangerously hobbled. That’s why they’re talking about going after illegal immigrants. If they thought they could bring jobs, they’d know the tax revenue was going to be there to fund the state. If they thought they could bring jobs, they wouldn’t have to scapegoat illegal immigrants at the expense of the Constitution.

But they’re preaching those two things–cut the government and bash the illegal immigrants–because they have nothing else to offer.

None of them.

10 thoughts on “The Butcher Sums It Up

  1. The good thing is that you could just pick a name out of a hat and come up with someone at least as well qualified as these bozos.

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  3. OTOH, it’s very refreshing that Jeff Yarbro is actually campaigning against his “Democratic” primary opponent without resorting to “me too” politics — and is out & proud about being opposed to SJR127.

    (And his Facebook page has snapshots of him from a Pride rally. I think my wife about gave herself a paper cut from whipping out the checkbook… we live in his district and will happily be voting FOR SOMEONE! FOR ONCE!)

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