And McWherter is Already No Good at Tightrope Walking

Here’s the main problem with throwing in with Arizona for a Democrat (aside from the humanitarian aspects; let’s just talk strategy for a second): a good portion of your constituency is black. If you can keep on the “we need the jobs here to go to Americans” side of the fence, you can appeal to people, regardless of their ethnicity.

But if you start, as a white man who wants to govern the state, talking about how the states have to address things the federal government just doesn’t get, you have to understand the echos your words have. There are still a lot of black voters in this state who remember other times when white men in power talking about how the states have to handle things their own ways because the federal government just doesn’t get it meant really bad things for them.

People are people, so, yeah, you can dick over a very small minority of people without it mattering too much to people who aren’t in that minority. But you’ll find people start to pay attention when you start talking about states taking matters into their own hands, especially when those people have experienced what that means for them.

I don’t believe McWherter is astute enough to realize what he’s playing with here, which is why, if I were his strategist, I would have advised him to stay away from the issue.

But whatever. At this point, I’m just waiting for him to decide he’s “pro-life” and then we will have the trifecta.

16 thoughts on “And McWherter is Already No Good at Tightrope Walking

  1. I am more than disappointed with McWherter. His campaign has been anemic at best and now this? I have gone from knowing very little of his positions to now having an extremely negative example to dwell on. DAMN!

  2. I am working on two different campaigns right now, and I can tell you that black and latino participation is larger this year than I’ve ever seen it in my entire life. I don’t know how that’s going to affect turnout, and my evidence is anecdotal, but it is my impression that minority voters are engaged and paying attention to what is going on in a way that can’t be said about previous years. When I go door to door, the people I speak to know who represents them and they know the issues at stake. There’s no way this is going to pass by unnoticed.

    State politics is really depressing in Tennessee. I don’t know how y’all can stand it. At least we’ve got city, county, and congress to keep us happy, for the most part.

  3. I don’t know how minority voters couldn’t be engaged, with all this “states’ rights” nonsense being floated around. You’ve got to keep an eye on that shit, when you know what it leads to.

  4. Want to guess how many Mexican dishwashers work at Sweat’s?

    You can guess the answer.

    Black folks know exactly what illegal aliens have done to the jobs market. The Step and Fetch-its of the Democratic Party routinely vote against the interests of their community but the community knows the truth:

    Illegals aliens have helped keep Black Americans in the back of the economic bus.

  5. I suppose you misunderstood.

    The answer is ZERO.

    That is because the Black Community understands the importance of entry level job opportunities for black folks.

  6. No, I understood you perfectly well. I just decided you’re making crap up. If you really knew a place so well that you’re allowed in the kitchen, it seems to me you’d know the owners’ names.

    Since you don’t, I have to tell you, it undermines your credibility in this discussion.

  7. Par for the course from a pro(brown)slavery white woman.

    Highlighting spelling errors is now a debate tactic? That’s for loosers.

    Seriously, B, I like much of what you write. Your posts on local history and your Nashville adventures read like a picture of life. But on this illegal alien issue you have been snookered by the smart folks in the media and the far side of the Democratic party.

    I, personally, like Mr Mcwherter. I met him for the first time when we were both sandbagging under I24/65/40(or whatever that north loop is called). He seems like a solid stand-up sort of guy. I will be casting my vote for him in part because of his stance on illegals.

    Read this when you get a chance:

    Don’t throw in with the George Bush’s and the Corporatists. All you have to do is open your eyes.

  8. Frank, it’s not a spelling error. It’s a matter of your credibility. You’re claiming some special insider knowledge of hiring practices at Swett’s, and you don’t even know how the dudes spell their names? It’s not like you left out a “t,” which anyone might do. You spelled it like you’ve only heard it, not seen it.

    Second, you live here but you don’t know under which interstate you sandbagged with McWherter?

    You can talk all you want about who’s snookered me, but let’s not pretend like you’re not trying. I mean, you know I can see all the aliases (you, Randal, Ray Kinner) you’ve commented here under, right? That, according to ARIN, your IP address is in a block Comcast has allotted to Knoxville?

    All evidence points to you not being who you claim to be. So, you can’t really expect me to take what you say seriously. You’re full of shit.

    And, please, you’re sitting here on a computer arguing on blogs. If you think you’re in touch with what poor people want and need any more, you need to take a long, hard look in the mirror.

  9. As for McWherter’s stand, I wouldn’t vote for him for that reason. He’s already having staffers turn cartwheels trying to claim he didn’t say what his press release says he said.

  10. AuntB: To be fair, I don’t know what to call that loop and I was sandbagging as well as having taken it to work for 6 years. That being said, even if Frank’s assertion about the staffing of one particular (delicious) restaurant is true, his conclusion does not follow.

    Yes entry level jobs are important to disadvantaged communities, but it has not been shown that undocumented workers are saturating that market. Beyond that, if people are really worried about creating opportunities for acknowledged PoC populations, there are far better ways to do it. Focused investment, increasing education access, etc. etc. etc. The list goes on and on, and until those things are really implemented, I call BS.

  11. even if Frank’s assertion about the staffing of one particular (delicious) restaurant is true, his conclusion does not follow.

    Maybe Swett’s requires I9 forms, like any other business that withholds fucking payroll taxes, and isn’t some cash-in-hand business, like those ones that actively seek out undocumented laborers.

    You know what an I9 is, don’t you, “Frank?”

    Don’t throw in with … the Corporatists.

    Have you actually seen Mike McWherter’s credentials? Or Phil Bredesen’s?

    Who’s left to vote for if you use this as a criterion?

  12. Polerin, any one thing I might buy–he fucks up Swett’s, he a North Nashville expert, but he doesn’t know where he was sandbagging, he mysteriously has three different names, ARIN thinks he’s in Knoxville–but taken as a group, it completely undermines his credibility.

    As for Swett’s. Yes, they require an I9, which would make it difficult for anyone who’s not here legally to work there. It is also in a very, very predominately African American neighborhood, so it’s unsurprising that they have an African American staff, especially for the lowest-paying jobs. Those are going to go to kids in the neighborhood.

    Anyway, even by “Frank”‘s own standards, we’re comparing apples and oranges. Even if employers are hiring illegal immigrants to do low-paying jobs traditionally held by African-Americans, those aren’t “entry-level” jobs by virtue of the fact that no one promotes illegal immigrants. That’s one of the “benefits” of hiring them–all the experience and knowledge and they never move up the ladder, because they’re not here legally.

    If African Americans also aren’t moving up the ladder, it’s because of other problems we need to work on as a society, not because illegal immigrants are somehow holding them back.

  13. AuntB: Gotcha. One of these days I’ll learn to just hush and let trolls be smacked down. **grump**

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