4 thoughts on “Jim Tracy’s New Ad: White People v. Non-White People

  1. yeesh. Another one of these, like the “Skeery Mexican” ad from a couple months ago. Can the racial undertones be any thicker? seriously?

  2. You know what else strikes me with the sound off? Jim Tracy sets off my gaydar BIG time.

    Also: why do they always show illegal immigrants climbing over a big huge fence? I thought they were yammering for us to BUILD a big huge fence? Clearly by their own admission a big huge fence is useless.

  3. SB, you know, I have seen that image a million times and it has never struck me as ridiculous for that reason (I don’t like it because I think it’s supposed to remind you of vermin escaping a container), but now I can’t stop laughing. Absolutely. If folks can pour over a fence, why are we building a fence?

  4. I don’t know. That guy getting his hair cut behind him looks eastern euro. Somebody needs to ask him who won the world series last year.

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