Shoot, Maybe McWherter Needs to Put Steve Ross on His Payroll

This is, perhaps, the most generous reading of that bullshit press release there could possibly be. I also know this is the reading the McWherter camp is floating when regular folks who are outraged ask them about it.

And I love Steve Ross, but that’s not what the press release said–the press release said, “I think the administration is wrong on this one. Arizona’s trying to get a handle on the immigration policy because of Washington’s total failure to deal with the real problem.” The only way to read that is as an endorsement of Arizona’s strategy. If the administration is wrong, then Arizona’s right. If McWherter thinks the lawsuit is inappropriate, then he must think what Arizona is doing is okay.

If that’s not what he intended, then he needs to find someone else to write his press releases, so that they say what he means.