Shoot, Maybe McWherter Needs to Put Steve Ross on His Payroll

This is, perhaps, the most generous reading of that bullshit press release there could possibly be. I also know this is the reading the McWherter camp is floating when regular folks who are outraged ask them about it.

And I love Steve Ross, but that’s not what the press release said–the press release said, “I think the administration is wrong on this one. Arizona’s trying to get a handle on the immigration policy because of Washington’s total failure to deal with the real problem.” The only way to read that is as an endorsement of Arizona’s strategy. If the administration is wrong, then Arizona’s right. If McWherter thinks the lawsuit is inappropriate, then he must think what Arizona is doing is okay.

If that’s not what he intended, then he needs to find someone else to write his press releases, so that they say what he means.

13 thoughts on “Shoot, Maybe McWherter Needs to Put Steve Ross on His Payroll

  1. I’m commenting from my phone so it’s harder to be as comprehensive as I would normally be, but I’ll just say this: Whatever McWherter’s position on this is he needs to be consistent. This release was the lone deviation, so if it is not repeated one can assume it was a misstatement. If it is repeated, then his position has changed.

    McWherter has consistently said he opposes an AZ style law in TN, but that the Feds need to also get their crap together. When I asked the campaign if their position had changed they said no & sent a similar quote along that didn’t include the AZ stuff.

    I’m not sure if the campaign was pandering to the xenophobe crowd, trying to gain attention or what, but they say their position is unchanged. So based on the body of work rather than this one instance, until this statement is repeated, I stand by my assessment.

    If it’s repeated or becomes a part of the campaign (the AZ part that is) I’ll bring the torches & pitchforks.


  2. I still think it’s a problem if a man’s press release, over which he has complete control–unlike when Woods gets his hands on something, say–is so poorly worded that it says the exact opposite of what he claims his position is.

  3. If that’s not what he intended, then he needs to find someone else to write his press releases, so that they say what he means.

    Yeah that was my reading on it too. If you’re screwing up on YOUR OWN OFFICIAL STATEMENT TO THE MEDIA then maybe you shouldn’t be governor to begin with.

  4. The queen of infantile oversimplification strikes again.

    No, your interpretation is not the “only” interpretation . . . on this and every freaking thing you write about . . .

    Do you ever intend to attempt to have a complex thought?

  5. Jesus Christ, is it really going to come to the point where I have to teach Democrats how to troll a blog? If you don’t want me to know its you, don’t use a name you’ve used before, because even if you mask your IP address, I will still be able to see your old, unmasked IP address attached to the previous comment.

    And just think, if y’all spent half the time you spend trying to make sure that I know you hate me working on press releases that actually say the shit you need them to say, we’d be in a much better position as Democrats.

    But what the hell? Y’all want to spend your time taking swings at the people who are shouting that your house is on fire while it burns down around you? That’s on you.

  6. Well, Panty Twister is apparently from Japan, where he/she has learned that the world hates me. This is something, both that people in Japan know who I am and that they’re so intimately concerned with Democratic politics in Tennessee.

    Seriously, “I hurl cowardly invectives at a girl I don’t know on the internet!” That’s got to be a proud accomplishment in a person’s life.

    And this idea that a press release should be open to interpretation? It’s not fucking poetry. If you can’t get across exactly what you mean to a reader of average intelligence, it’s not my fault.

    Shoot, that cracks me up. Interpretation. Of a press release.

    Who knew? It’s art!

  7. Heh. Ask ’em, “Hey, don’t you have anything better to do?” and the answer will likely be “no.”

    Hey, TNDP employee: Figure out some way to say nice things about your shitty candidate, huh? (Of course, if it was my job to convince people to support this shitty candidate, I might be spending my otherwise productive hours anonymously slagging people online. Oh, wait – you suck at that, too.)

    Far as a lot of us out here can see, his sole bona fide is being a member of the Lucky Sperm Club. If’n he weren’t Ned Ray’s son, he’d have nothing else to run on.

  8. I tried, I really did. Either he is getting the worst advice in the world from his inner circle, or he really believes what he said.

    it’s hard to believe that his father will be the last true Democratic Governor for the next 30 years.

  9. I’m guessing that “Panty Twister” is using a service like Tor to mask their identity.

    You’ve gotta love the implied message, though. Vote for Mike McWherter: we have complex thoughts.

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