True Blood, True Blood, Woo

The Butcher and I are watching True Blood together for the first time ever, even though we both watch it.

I wonder how soon until he gets annoyed by my typing.

Why is there any sexual tension between Sookie and the werewolf dude?

“Shut the fuck up.”

Poor Bill. I think the Mississippi vampires have broken him.

“I don’t have a nutsack.” Aw, how can something be so funny and sad.

Dude was NOT going to shoot his brother, was he?

Though, I must admit, if this whole storyline were to end tonight with Sam shooting his whole family, I would give a million dollars. Which, really, is a testament to how crappy this storyline is.

Yep, Bill is broken.

And Eric can fly.

In his dreams!

Well, if you have to be tied up somewhere, it’s good to be tied on the toilet with your pants down. But I think your legs would fall asleep about 15 minutes in.

Oh, Jason has to face his younger self. That’s hard.

And it’s going to go poorly.

Oh no, do you think Jason’s going to break his arm?

I feel so bad for this werewolf dude. He is going to get beat up again.

Bill covered for Sookie there, didn’t he?

But how is it that Bill knew Eric was selling blood for the Queen?

Did she just pee in fear? I would have.

Ooo, this is good. “Baby vampire” has a job. Jessica at Sam’s. It’s perfect.

Oh no, Chip from Bible Study. You suck.

“I think I’ll kill all your brother-cousins first.”

Oh, Erik. I’m glad I don’t have occasion to need him, but I wish I had someone like him if I did need him.

Oh, Sam’s brother. I know how you feel.

Oh no! Pam.

Jason’s about to blackmail Andy! This episode is full of crap happening.

The Butcher hopes Jason runs for Sheriff against Andy.

Kendra is going to have to put a stop to this nonsense.

Okay, I did not expect Tara to end up where she has.

“As you wish.” It’s like the Princess Bride.

All these werewolves wear their hair like we did in the 80s.

Oh no! Miley Cyrus looks so sad on the stripper pole.

Um Sookie and Harveaux need to give exposition more quietly.

Seriously, Bill can’t work Miley Cyrus any faster?

Bill, just go about being a douche. Don’t worry about Sookie.

Poor Miley Cyrus.

In which I say “Whoa”

I just got back the first set of pages from the typesetter. This means I now have to go through and try to catch all of my own errors that I’ve missed upon reading the fifty-eight million times before and any errors that might have been introduced in the typesetting process.


This was my first chance to see the layout and font choices. And I am dying. It’s so great. It looks like an old fashioned collection of ghost stories. It looks like a real book. I can’t get over how beautiful it is.

In Which I Have to Point Out the Obvious

Clearly, these are not naked people growing out of flowers, but gardeners during the Medieval Warm Period who have done the only sensible thing and taken to gardening wearing only very light flower shaped skirts.


And then their legs were bitten off by dragons.

Very sad.

Really, it’s a shame how many medieval scholars overlook the obvious, especially the scourge of dragons and their effects on gardeners during the hottest parts of the summer. That’s why my flower bed hasn’t been weeded in weeks.