And Then My Camera Battery Died

8 thoughts on “And Then My Camera Battery Died

  1. Hi Aunt B! I always love seeing your pictures and the variety of what you take! I like the cemetary ones and that looks like it has alot of very old headstones in it. I like to read the older headstones when I go to visit departed ones at the cemetary. I just saw a special on History International about American funeral practices. It said that you’ll notice Civil War-era headstones and graves seem to be crowded together in the graveyard because before there were formal cemetaries they had to find room on church properties to bury the dead because so many people died then. Then in the early-1900s they started building what they call garden cemetaries with trees, benches, statuary, paths and mausoleums.

  2. loved the title. i mean you were in a cemetery, your battery was at the right place. hope you had a spare.

  3. Joanaroo, I’m glad you’re enjoying them. I’m getting a kick out of taking them.

    Polerin, I could have used you as my stunt double! If I didn’t already have the Butcher.

    v. No, but I will have to go back out there again with a charged battery.

    Tennessee Budd, we need to get them to do something with that old school! What a shame that thing is empty.

  4. Hah, just lemmie know. Not these next two weeks, or probably a week or two after… but after that I’d be glad to stunt double. I’ve even been known to do silly things like climbing trees.

  5. My stunt doubling needs are usually things like “climb these stairs with the open backs” or “walk across this bridge.” Very low key stuff.

  6. I’ve long thought the same thing about the school, Aunt B. It does make a good place to shut off the bike & smoke a cigarette–about all it’s being used for at the moment.

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