4 thoughts on “Speaking of Park Reviews

  1. I was Googling levee stuff for work. If you type in ‘levee’ approximately 8 of the 10 subjects it fills in as you type involve Nashville levees. Quite an accomplishment.

    I chose ‘levee metrocenter nashville’ and The Butcher’s review over at Pith was the second site to come up.

  2. Verrrry interesting how Google works. Just googled ‘levee’ and none of the first page results involved Nashville!

  3. Sorry, apparently my reading comprehension ability is lacking. However, when I google ‘levee’ none of the suggested fill-ins involve Nashville either. I can only guess it may be a geographical thing (I’m in west TN).

  4. We were talking about this just the other day, how different folks get different google results from the same search. It makes me wonder if people who are logged into google are getting somewhat customized search results based on old searches and ones location.

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