Mike Turner, Is It Because They’re Brown?

God damn it, you cannot tell an illegal immigrant by looking at him.

“I’ve been on the site and I’ve seen people I suspect are illegal and I’ve been told by some people working on the site they have illegals there,” Turner said.

Of all of the reasons to be sitting on that construction site and going over everything they do with a fine tooth comb, “I see brown people,” is not a good enough reason.

I mean, Jesus Christ, who cares if they’re here illegally? The problem is that we were fucking promised that the vast majority of people working on that site would be from Tennessee and they’re not. Shoot, I’d be surprised if most of the people bitching about the illegals weren’t up here from Georgia themselves.

So, how about that?

No one working on the construction of the convention center is allowed to complain about anyone else working on the construction center unless he or she can prove that he or she has lived here at least a year and not just up here to work on the convention center. So, let’s start checking wallets for out of state drivers licenses. How about that?

Edited to Add: Sean Braisted also wonders if the convention center site makes people psychic.