Mike Turner, Is It Because They’re Brown?

God damn it, you cannot tell an illegal immigrant by looking at him.

“I’ve been on the site and I’ve seen people I suspect are illegal and I’ve been told by some people working on the site they have illegals there,” Turner said.

Of all of the reasons to be sitting on that construction site and going over everything they do with a fine tooth comb, “I see brown people,” is not a good enough reason.

I mean, Jesus Christ, who cares if they’re here illegally? The problem is that we were fucking promised that the vast majority of people working on that site would be from Tennessee and they’re not. Shoot, I’d be surprised if most of the people bitching about the illegals weren’t up here from Georgia themselves.

So, how about that?

No one working on the construction of the convention center is allowed to complain about anyone else working on the construction center unless he or she can prove that he or she has lived here at least a year and not just up here to work on the convention center. So, let’s start checking wallets for out of state drivers licenses. How about that?

Edited to Add: Sean Braisted also wonders if the convention center site makes people psychic.

13 thoughts on “Mike Turner, Is It Because They’re Brown?

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  2. Usually I enjoy a good “forcing someone to abide by the contract” story, but unless those workers are wearing hockey jerseys and eating poutine for lunch, I’m pretty sure all the fun is sucked out of this one.

    (MCC site imbues folks with supernatural abilities? Ooo, a ghost story for the sequel!)

  3. (Reminds me of the debate last night, where “Wamp, There It Is!” was waxing poetic about how a traffic stop constitutes probable cause to determine citizenship status. This, after McWherter was saying that defending the 2000 mile US-Mexico border shouldn’t be any more difficult than enforcing the 150 mile DMZ between the Koreas. Immigration brings out TEH CRAZEE in our pols.)

  4. He says that some employees there said that some were undocumented aliens. That doesn’t sound like he based it just on physical appearances and language.
    We will never solve this until we seriously crack down in the outlaw employers who hire them to save money and avoid taxes.

  5. Kosh iii,

    He said: “I’ve been on the site and I’ve seen people I suspect are illegal and I’ve been told…”

    Yes, he’s been told there are illegal immigrants working there but he has separately seen people there he suspected were there illegally. That sounds EXACTLY like he’s basing it on physical appearance.

  6. Any discussion of the “immigration problem” starts off with an unwarranted assumption — that there really is a problem. That assumption is particularly troubling to those of us who believe that the “immigration problem” is a phony issue ginned up by social and political conservatives for the purpose of distracting the electorate from the real issues they have done nothing to solve.

    We heard next to nothing in this country about “securing the borders” until after 9/11…and then conservatives seized on this slogan despite the fact that there were no Mexican perps involved in the 9/11 plots, and none of the Arab terrorists who were involved entered this country illegally across the Mexican border.

    “But Mexican illegals are taking our jobs at a time when there is widespread unemployment,” you say? That’s funny, because the “we must secure our borders” crowd was whining about border security long BEFORE the economy fell off a cliff in 2008. When the justification for a policy proposal changes every few months, that’s one way you know the policy isn’t meant to address a real problem.

    The conservative movement has shown a real genius for setting the agenda for national debate with issues that don’t have a damn thing to do with how people live. They’ve encouraged us to debate illegal immigration instead of education reform. They’ve manufactured gay marriage into an threat, instead of engaging in discussions about funding research to get us over our fossil fuel addiction. They’ve managed to get guns into almost every venue in this state, instead of wondering why crime is so commonplace as to warrant an armed population.

    For one brief moment, it appeared that Barack Obama was going to be successful at moving the national conversation back to real issues, instead of constantly taking the GOP head fakes. I’m no longer confident that this is a real possibility. When the public buys into the notion that the biggest threat in Middle Tennessee is the proposed building of a replacement mosque in Mufreesboro, what’s a realist to do?

  7. During times of economic downturn it is common for people to look for a scapegoat and for politicians to try to exploit these tendencies.

    Mark is correct, immigration didn’t become a “problem” until certain political factions proclaimed it as such. That said, intolerance toward the “other” — in this case, Hispanics and Muslims, but in our history Irish, Italians, Eastern Europeans, and Chinese as well– has always been with us. We should remain vigilant that we don’t confuse the political argument with the social one.

  8. Beale, the point I was trying to make – badly – is that the moment you take the bait and start discussing one of these sham issues, the other side has already won. They have moved you, and the public discourse, away from real issues and onto pseudo-topics of their own manufacture.

    You can’t win a debate when the other side controls what issues will be discussed, as well as what the rules of discussion will be. That’s a sucker’s strategy, and I’m getting tired of being a sucker.

  9. Similar to how the Dems in the legislature walk right into these issue-related traps, vis a vis putting Constitutional amendments on gay marriage or gun ownership on the ballot every statewide election year. Everybody votes for them in droves. You really have to wonder what it would take to get Dems to wake up and see these for what they are – tactics to increase low-information voter participation at the polls, which invariably favors the GOP.

  10. Wow Eleanor – tells us what you think of the masses of ignorant voters that fall for political tricks like voting on issues they care about. It sounds like your idea for democrats to win is to keep voter turnout low. Should people have to pass a test before being allowed to vote?

  11. Why wasn’t E-verify required to be used on this project? Isn’t that the federal government’s solution to ending the hiring of illegal immigrants?

  12. …voting on issues they care about.

    People care a lot about how American Idol turns out as well.

    Which is to say that the GOP gets people fired up about bullshit issues. And the Dems love to play along because they have nothing better to get people interested in.

  13. Why is it the same politicians foaming at the mouth about illegal immigrants are likely the same ones in love with the almighty dollar, would do this: his daughter Buffy needs to get married right away at the church because her Clear Blue just showed a bun is baking in the oven. And Uncle Fred says, “Hey Rep., I know how you can get help for this big reception, cheap, no payroll and no taxes. Now my friend knows several Mexican…..”. Wal-Mart got away with it long enough and the wealthy do too.

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