Lazy Monday

I’m supposed to be going to the bank and doing all the stuff I didn’t do this weekend, but instead, I’m just lazing about. It’s nice.

3 thoughts on “Lazy Monday

  1. Hey, just in case lazing about includes checking blog comments but doesn’t include checking email, wanted to let you know I have email in to you about book review post.

  2. I know how you feel. It was so hot and humid in July that I didn’t get squat done. I had planned on storing more stuff in the climate-controlled storage area but it was either very humid, hot and stormy, or very humid, hot and dry. We are using this storage because in the Fall I plan to paint our entire house interior. Well, except the 2 story foyer. I have neither the ability to conquer heights, nor the stomach to. The previous owner mostly used plain wallpaper and rarely painted. Now that I had the hysterectomy in March and no more female problems, I’m ready. Thought I’d get some Kilz white primer and color up this joint. We’ve been here 11 years so it’s about time! For the downstairs family room I thought a nice royal blue with white trim. My sister liked the idea of getting a wood block or 2 whtk a cat’s paw design on it and put cat paws on the wall. So, you know who will be busy in the Fall

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